Poetry Through the Lens

Unfortunately, Poetry Through the Lens with Deb Fleischman and Gary Miller of Write Mondays has been cancelled due to insufficient registrations. This was scheduled for Saturday, April 19 at Local 64.  We thank Deb and Gary for organizing this workshop and hope to work with them again in the future!

A Conversation with Stacey Peters of The Dooryard

I recently spoke with Stacey Peters of The Dooryard about PoemCity.  The link to the interview is below.  Your should check out her blog – she likes to highlight the literary events of Vermont or as she puts it: “The greatest events from every nook of our well-crannied state.”

Thank you Stacey for promoting PoemCity 2014!


My Strange Objects – date correction!

My Strange Objects – Poet Kerrin McCadden and composer Erik Nielsen worked with students from Montpelier High School to create new works especially for PoemCity.  The actual date of this poetic musical collaboration is Thursday, April 17 at 7pm at Sweet Melissa’s and NOT Wednesday, April 16.  


Goddard College Faculty to Read at Kellogg-Hubbard Library

We are pleased to announce that Goddard College Faculty are participating in PoemCity again this year. 

Wednesday, April 16, 2014, 7:00 PM

Michael Leong, author of Cutting Time with a Knife; Janet Sylvester, author of The Mark of Flesh; Michael Vizsolyi, author of The Lamp with Wings: love sonnets; and Arisa White, author of Hurrah’s Nest, will read from their recent work. Wendy Call, author of No Word for Welcome: The Mexican Village Faces the Global Economy, will read from recent translations of Mexican poetry.


Honoring Martin Richard

We are posting this poem by Mary Elder Jacobsen of Calais in honor of the one year anniversary of the Boston Marathon bombing on April 15. Mary wrote this poem last year in response to the death of an eight-year-old boy, Martin Richard, at the marathon’s Finish Line and in response to seeing the photo of him, taken days earlier, vibrant and alive, which his father shared with the media following the tragedy.

Your father shows the photograph to everyone.

Why wouldn’t he—You are beaming—be proud?

You have the face of every lively 8-year-old.

Your name is like that little bird, Martin,

who isn’t what he seems, Purple Martin,

who flies in red—slight, quick—tucks his wings, is gone

the moment we look away—Away, gone,

leaving us asking, What did I see just then?

Just who was that little one anyway?

In the photo your father shows to everyone

you wear a classic cap—it suits you perfectly,

fits just right, and the jersey you have on—

Could it be, maybe, just one size too large

in hopes that you might wear it again next year?

Emblazoned on it, an enormous B—like a badge

on your chest, for Boston, for Bruin—“great bear,”

for bird, small bird, Martin, beaming boy,

B for boy, all boy. And your eyes, bright

and big, curious, open wide, taking in the sights,

the brilliant colors, the crowd of fans surrounding you

with eyes so proud they well up with tears.

Your father shows the photograph to everyone:

Big jersey, big eyes, broad smile, big ears,

and those new teeth a few sizes too large, just a few years

away from fitting you perfectly. The crowd swells

around you, their curious eyes take in the sight

of you, well up with tears, see how the image stills

the very 8-year-old life of you, see how bright,

how silent you stay. We see the portrait your father shares,

our eyes well up with tears at what we all now know,

that nothing bigger—no clothes, no voice, no face, no crowd—

will we ever get to see you grow into. It just won’t be allowed.

Mary Elder Jacobsen

Posted with permission of the author

PoemCity Friday & Saturday: Brown Bag Lunch, Sydney Lea, Villanelle Workshop, Verandah Porche

April 11, 12 noon - Brown Bag Poetry Bring your lunch and watch a video of a piano quartet from the acclaimed Craftsbury Chamber Players ensemble  as they perform music inspired by literature. At the Kellogg-Hubbard Library.

April 11, 6:30pm Join Sydney Lea, Vermont’s Poet Laureate, as he reads from his book, I Was Thinking of Beauty.  Opening for him is Michaela Coplen, a 2013 National Student Poet, presented by Poetry Out Loud (Vermont). VCFA, Noble Lounge, 36 College St, Montpelier.                                                  

April 12, 10:00am – Modern Villanelle Writing Workshop with Samantha Kolber.  Learn about villanelles and write your ownAll ages and abilities. At the Kellogg-Hubbard Library. 

April 12, 6:00pm -Poet Verandah Porche and her songwriting partner Patty Carpenter will present a musical reading of Porche’s new book, Sudden Eden.  During the past 30 years, Verandah has traveled from her home in rural Vermont, writing with and for people in grange halls and garages, elementary schools and Elderhostels, nursing homes and daycare centers, mansions and soup kitchens, board rooms and basements, homes and jails, literacy programs and colleges. At the Kellogg-Hubbard Library.Image


Baseball with Budbill & Barasch

Batter up!  charlie barasch Opening season has arrived.  Now join us for an evening of poetry and fiction about baseball with David Budbill and Charlie Barasch tomorrow evening, Thursday, April 10 at 7pm at the Kellogg-Hubbard Library.   David and Charlie gave this reading 25  years ago at Bear Pond Books.

Should I worry about this “promise” from Charlie?  “We promise we won’t break anything if we reprise the game of  “pepper” we conducted at the first reading.”

Poetry at the Train Station

We love Julia Shipley and Julia Shipley loves PoemCity!  Read about her visit to Montpelier and the Amtrak Train station caper here.

Julia also wrote an article about PoemCity  in the March/April edition of Yankee Magazine.

Link to Yankee Magazine


A Creative Experience at Norwich University

It was clear that  the three students and two professors truly respect and enjoy each other as they talked about the creative writing opportunities that exist at Norwich University.  Unlike many colleges and universities, Norwich has added new faculty with specialties to their English Department.  Sean Prentiss was hired two years ago to teach Creative Non-Fiction classes which BaileyAnnis and Sean PrentissBrett Cox and Dana DeMartino Dana & Kathyresulted in an explosion of poetry at NU.  Brett Cox is the Chair of the English and Communications Dept and has four pieces of writing that will be published in the next few months. Kathy, a senior English Major and member of the Corps, is the editor of the Chameleon, a student-led literary publication that highlights Norwich University student submissions across campus. Do soldiers write poetry?  Absolutely!  One of the poems in the current edition of the Chameleon was written by a recent grad who is on a nuclear submarine. When asked by Prof. Prentiss if he would continue writing poetry after he left Norwich, he replied, “Of course, I’ll be living on a submarine!”  Prof Cox mentioned that there has been quite an increase in the number of students with English as a minor.  What types of students have an English Minor? Scientists, Internet Security Specialists, Business – you name it – they have it.  Bottom line, students want and need a creative outlet and for many students at Norwich writing is their choice for expressing their creativity.  Listening to Professors Brett Cox and Sean Prentiss, and students Baylee, Dana and Kathy made me want to go back to school to study English - at Norwich University.

The moderator of this group was Jacque E. Day, is the managing editor for New Madrid, a national literary journal, and the assistant editor for the Norwich Record, the alumni magazine of Norwich University. She also produces  half-hour talk-topic shows for the local WNUB-FM.

We’ve invited this group back for PoemCity 2015.  Don’t miss it!