We still have plenty of PoemCity Programs for you to attend

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There are lots of poetic things to do in Montpelier, including The Great American Poets: Ira Gershwin, Irving Berlin et al. tomorrow at Westview Meadows at 1:30pm.  For kids we have Card Catalog Poetry at the Library at 1:00pm.

Grab a hot drink and walk around reading poems on store windows. You can warm up by coming to the Kellogg-Hubbard Library to read dozens of poems throughout the library.  There are amazing poems for you to read and talk about with your friends and family.

Poetry Crostic Construction with Rick Winston

Like crosswords? How about poetry? Come to the library tonight at 7:00PM — you will get to do both! Rick Winston will guide us through the creation of a “crostic” poetry puzzle. Crostics are a lot like crosswords, except you get a quote — in this case, a poem — once you’ve solved the puzzle!rickwinston

Pizza and Poetry at Positive Pie

Positive Pie takes it namesake after Pi, the number that represents the ratio of a circle’s circumference to its diameter; of a pizza’s roundness to its inches; of your hunger to the amount of food you’re ordering, if you will.  This past Wednesday, Vermonters were also hungry for art, specifically poetry.  Residents turned out in droves to hear Eve Alexandra, Jari Chevalier, Major Jackson, Kerrin McCadden, Alison Prine and Emilie Stigliani read their poetry.  As I sat there sipping my beer — others doing the same, many also savoring a slice of pie — I traversed an enormous breadth of human experience without a clear beginning or end.  That’s the other thing about the number Pi: it is poetic.  It is an irrational number, ceaseless, unpredictable, perplexing.  And while the night did come to a conclusion, and our bellies were full, I wanted to keep listening.  The human experience, captured in poetry, is a mosaic of impressions and feelings that cannot be rationalized.   Pi is classified as a transcendental number; the circle cannot be squared.  And even though PoemCity2015 will conclude on May 1st, we will all keeping on looking, for something, for anything, to add to that infinite body that is our collective experience.   Even if that something isn’t real — such as an imaginary gorilla, as in Kerrin McCadden’s humorous poem “The Domino’s Pizza Gorilla”.  Here is an excerpt:

“we laugh to find ourselves out after,
two beers in the console, Johnny Cash on the radio,
the two of us gone around the bend, as moonstruck as the fields,
hunting for something no one else can find.”

PC2015_PizzaPoetry_Group2 PC2015_PizzaPoetry_Group PC2015_PizaPoetry_MichelleSinger PC2015_PizaPoetry_MajorJackson2 PC2015_PizaPoetry_MajorJackson PC2015_PizaPoetry_KerrinMcCadden PC2015_PizaPoetry_Jari PC2015_PizaPoetry_EveAlexandra PC2015_PizaPoetry_Emilie PC2015_PizaPoetry_Allison

Friday night at the North Branch Cafe in Montpelier

North Branch Cafe  is a lovely place to listen to poetry, drink tea or wine and eat something sweet. Lee Bramble, pen name of Tom Ragle,  will read from his book, Take This Song, tomorrow, April 9 at 7pm.  Bramble writes with a strong voice and has a strong affinity for Romantic English poets – think Thomas Hardy and William Wordsworth.  Join us for a delightful evening of poetry.  The Cafe is locatedtake_this_songlee-bramble at 41 State St, Montpelier.

Find Your Poem: List of Locations by Poet’s Last Name

If you haven’t noticed already, downtown Montpelier is blooming — with poems!  If you haven’t run into your poem — or a friend’s or loved one’s that you’ve been wanting to see — here is a list of all the accepted poems and their corresponding locations, organized according to the poet’s last name.

PC2015_List by Poet


Norwich’s Second Annual Poetry Open Mic Night Event

Norwich’s Second Annual Poetry Open Mic Night Event
Time: 7 pm
Date: 15 April 2015
Location: The Mill, Wise Campus Center, Norwich University

Norwich University will be hosting its second annual open mic night poetry reading! Last year, over 65 students from Norwich and Montpelier High School and community members participated. Once again, students, faculty, and community members alike are all welcome to read poems at Norwich’s Poetry Open Mic Night on Wednesday, April 15th.

We are excited to announce that Vermont’s spoken word champion, Geof Hewitt will MC and read some of his own work. This reading is open to all high school or college students and all community members. We welcome anyone interested in reading a poem or attending the event – it is free and open to the public!

For more information contact Sean Prentiss at prentiss@norwich.edu