The Revolution of Poetry

Amy Trafford from Onion River Kids did a poetry-inspired story-time last Sunday. While preparing, she shared with me her observations and thoughts about PoemCity and the Revolution of Poetry.  I was so moved that I  asked her to write it up so I could share it with all of you. Here it is.

So many times I have been inside the store this month and done a double- take as I watch people on the sidewalk, staring into our window for a very long time. It wasn’t until I saw a man’s lips moving and a child standing beside him, looking up with unblinking eyes, that I realized they were all reading the incredible poems that kid’s throughout Vermont wrote and are displayed in our windows.

It might sound dramatic, but it feels like a revolution.

As someone who has loved poetry my whole life, and who, as a young adult, felt like a bit of an outcast for that (okay, what young adult doesn’t feel like an outcast, but still.) I am profoundly moved as I walk through Montpelier and see poems everywhere. To read the poems and feel them, my heart opens and flowers with feeling. I get to know myself in a whole new way, thanks to the revolution of poetry.

-Amy Trafford


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