Transformations: Jon Turner Returns to Montpelier

This Friday, April 26th, peace activist and poet Jon Turner, returns to Montpelier for a poetry reading from his ongoing journal, Voicing Place/Placing Voice and his new collection Death Bed.  The reading will take place at 7 PM at the new Storefront Gallery located at 6 Barre Street.

Many of you may know Jon from his poetry and artwork that he produced in response to his experiences during his three tours of duty as an infantryman.  He continues to add to his journal Voicing Place/Placing Voice, but the focus of the poems has shifted toward the natural world. Jon describes this transformation.

 My will to heal led my poetry through darkened corner and hallway, helping to emerge in a place more light hearted where I could hear the true voice within me. However, nature itself has a voice I believe to be seldom heard due to distraction and misunderstanding.   My time outside throughout different parts of the country and my desire to know these places on a personal level, inspired a new thought and feeling that I believe could only be from the voice of the land or perhaps my own tongue through the lingering wisdom within these soils.  

The poems in Jon’s new collection Death Bed, were written after the hospitalization of his father. Jon explains the story and emotions behind these pomes.

These poems capture emotions that I had kept trapped within me and never before expressed until my father arrived home from a three week stay at the hospital. Although the poems might appear harsh, the presentation in person was much more gentle and from the heart.  The father feels as though his child is his child, the child feels as though he is a man. It is a confrontation that all boys and men must endure to prove they are worthy for the next stages in their lives as fathers themselves.

Don’t miss this amazing opportunity to hear Jon read his poetry and enjoy the beautiful new space at the Storefront Gallery. See you this Friday at 7.


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