A Creative Experience at Norwich University

It was clear that  the three students and two professors truly respect and enjoy each other as they talked about the creative writing opportunities that exist at Norwich University.  Unlike many colleges and universities, Norwich has added new faculty with specialties to their English Department.  Sean Prentiss was hired two years ago to teach Creative Non-Fiction classes which BaileyAnnis and Sean PrentissBrett Cox and Dana DeMartino Dana & Kathyresulted in an explosion of poetry at NU.  Brett Cox is the Chair of the English and Communications Dept and has four pieces of writing that will be published in the next few months. Kathy, a senior English Major and member of the Corps, is the editor of the Chameleon, a student-led literary publication that highlights Norwich University student submissions across campus. Do soldiers write poetry?  Absolutely!  One of the poems in the current edition of the Chameleon was written by a recent grad who is on a nuclear submarine. When asked by Prof. Prentiss if he would continue writing poetry after he left Norwich, he replied, “Of course, I’ll be living on a submarine!”  Prof Cox mentioned that there has been quite an increase in the number of students with English as a minor.  What types of students have an English Minor? Scientists, Internet Security Specialists, Business – you name it – they have it.  Bottom line, students want and need a creative outlet and for many students at Norwich writing is their choice for expressing their creativity.  Listening to Professors Brett Cox and Sean Prentiss, and students Baylee, Dana and Kathy made me want to go back to school to study English – at Norwich University.

The moderator of this group was Jacque E. Day, is the managing editor for New Madrid, a national literary journal, and the assistant editor for the Norwich Record, the alumni magazine of Norwich University. She also produces  half-hour talk-topic shows for the local WNUB-FM.

We’ve invited this group back for PoemCity 2015.  Don’t miss it!


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