St. Johnsbury Academy Students participate in Exploration in 17 Syllables

21234_336447056563540_5572970694022344921_nBeth Kanell lead Exploration in 17 Syllables, a creative writing workshop for St. Johnsbury Academy students focused on crafting a Twitter haiku, also known as a “Twaiku.” The workshop, held at St. Johnsbury’s Cafe at Gatto Nero, filled an hour of creative enjoyment, as the St. Johnsbury Academy “Writer’s Block” group wrote their “Twaiku,” and posted some of the poems on social media. One student, tired of writing is-spring-arriving-yet poems, suggested they write about the return of heat and sunburn instead. Another idea? Use a new-to-you five-syllable word for the first line of your Twaiku .

If you’re on Twitter, look for these poems with hashtag #vtpoem, or check the related blog later this week:


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