Celebrating the Poetry of Parenthood

We had a fun and engaging workshop on the poetry of parenthood last night. We read poems about parents, about children, and about parenting across the ages and looked at what makes a poem Great: contrasting light and dark, surprise, and connecting the personal to the universal. The generative prompt yielded amazing work and we were inspired by all the poetry of the evening.

It seemed so fitting that today’s poem from The Writer’s Almanac was a poem about a parent, one of the very categories we talked about. Enjoy the poem here: http://writersalmanac.org/ (“Vocational Training” by Carrie Shipers on April 12, 2106).

Also enjoy this poem by Billy Collins that we read aloud as a closing last night. (Read “The Landyard” here.)

lanyardSamantha Kolber was able to proudly display her very own lanyard that her son made her at camp and that she carries on her key ring to this day.



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