Budding Poets Garden

Our thanks go out to Jason Miles, Barbara Austin-Hutchins, Matt McLane and the terrific students at Montpelier High School and Main Street Middle School for cutting, painting, assembling, and delivering the flowers for the Budding Poets Garden now on display at The Hunger Mountain Coop. As a result of their efforts, first and fourth grade students from East Montpelier Elementary School get to see their poems on display and their work in the world. EMES first graders made a special trip to The Coop to see their poems and were beyond excited. Thanks to their teacher, Jillian Zeilenga and The Hunger Mountain Coop for the classroom time and physical space to make the Budding Poets Garden a reality. Many individuals, first-time poets, high school carpenters, teachers, and staff, had a hand is this amazing project. Stop by The Coop to see this enchanting display.



The Budding Poems at The Hunger Mountain Coop


Hazel Singer, first grader at East Montpelier Elementary School, with her poem, “Jack (p.s. my dog)”


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