2013 Poems and Locations






Display at TD Bank 2013

TD Bank’s window also features the month’s calendar of events.

Click here to view a PDF of all poetry locations.

The locations below are listed in general walking order. We have 98 locations in downtown Montpelier this year!

Kellogg-Hubbard Library | 135 Main Street

These poems are inside the library, and posted throughout. Come by during library hours.

  • “Elementary,” Mary Ann Vuillemin, Adamant
  • “Dairy Values,” Geof Hewitt, Calais
  • “Tourist,” Tony Magistrale, South Burlington
  • “Adagio, with Trees,” Mary Rose Dougherty, Montpelier
  • “In A Well-Lit Kitchen, Kay Bushman, Berlin
  • “Untitled,” Harold Ernest Sargent, Barre Town
  • “The Passing of Parents,” Susan Beard, Rutland
  • “For Bridget,” Dana Kendrick, Worcester
  • “Cats is Bad,” Peter Buknatski, Montpelier
  • “A Collaborator,” Melissa Ham-Ellis, Burlington
  • “Riding the Rainbow to Heaven,” Verna MacKenzie, Montpelier
  • “Newtown,” Susan H. Chickering, Plainfield
  • “In Loving Memory: Janell Marie Fresolo- Renner,” Susan Fresolo, Montpelier
  • “One Nut Sailing,” David Fried, Montpelier
  • “Untitled,” Nancy L. Scarcello, Florence
  • “Vigil,” Jane E. Bryant, Northfield
  • “Another Man’s Poison,” Frances Quakenbush, Montpelier
  • “Untitled,” Chris Racanelli, East Montpelier
  • “In This Wood,” Neville Berle, Montpelier
  • “Grief Lives on a Dead-End Street,” Bill Devlin, Putney
  • “The Next Generation,” Andrew Christiansen, East Montpelier
  • “Winter on a Bus,” Anne-Marie Elizabeth Mattogno, East Calais
  • “Cast Iron”, Susan Wilkie, Montpelier
  • “Ode to a Poem,” Susan Wilkie, Montpelier
  • “Mohawk’s Crest,” Yvonne Strauss, Middlesex

The Manghis’ Bread | 28 School Street

  • “My Several Lives,” Lea Wood, Montpelier

Yankee Spirits | 126 Main Street

  • “Words,” Jesse LoVasco, Montpelier

NE CI on Main | 118 Main Street

Throughout the month of April, NECI will be featuring poetry-related food, drink, and other culinary surprises!

  • “Winter’s End,” S. Atwood Stone, Montpelier

T&T Thrift Store | 116 Main Street

  • “Autumn Snow Geese,” Deborah Straw, Burlington

VyVy Nails | 114 Main Street

  • “Japanese Beetles,” Diane Swan, Montpelier
  • “Riffing on Redtails,” Gina Logan, Braintree

The Knitting Studio | 112 Main Street

  • “Untitled (haiku and tanka),” Michiko Oishi, Montpelier
  • “The Descent of Man (after Charles Darwin),” David Mook, Poultney
  • “An Expanse of Space,” Kim Ward, Montpelier
  • “Maple Leaf Haiku,” A. Max Turner, Montpelier

Antiques on Main | 110 Main Street

  • “Leave,” Jesse Scarlato, Burlington

Three Penny Taproom | 108 Main Street

  • “At Some Point I Discovered,” Ben Mitchell, Putney

Rivendell Books | 100 Main Street

  • “Finding Myself,” Caitlin O’Connell, South Burlington
  • “A Note to the Tortoise,” J.M. Powell, Williston

TD Bank | 90 Main Street

  • “Hope,” Tamra J. Higgins, Jeffersonville
  • “Relativity and Seals,” Michel Kabay, Barre
  • “The Morning Beach,” Richarda R. Ericson, Montpelier
  • “Winter Garden,” Somara Zwick-Madalinski, Brookline
  • “Like Old Rice,” Stephen F. Minkin, Brattleboro
  • “III. How Now,” Verandah Porche, Guilford

The Skinny Pancake | 89 Main Street

  • “Harvest,” Marjorie Ryerson, Randolph

Artisans Hand Craft Gallery | 89 Main Street

  • “Assissi,” Arlene Distler, Brattleboro
  • “Nor,” Robert Squire, East Montpelier

La Brioche | 89 Main Street

Throughout the month of April, La Brioche will be featuring poetry-related pastry and other culinary surprises!

  • “Theoretical Children,” Gwen Roolf, Montpelier

ORCA Media | 89 Main Street

Thanks to ORCA Media for filming this year’s events!

  • “Galileo’s Curse,” Mary L. Collins, Elmore
  • “Ask My Hands,” Marjorie Ryerson, Randolph
  • “Untitled,” Naomi A. Flanders, East Montpelier
  • “Do not count the time,” Theodore Hoppe, Montpelier

Village Pizza | 89 Main Street

  • “Defrosted,” Cynthia Tumlin, South Royalton
  • “Browsing Through Windows,” Deb Franzoni, Norwich
  • “Lullaby for a little town,” Deborah Black, Barre
  • “Redemption Center,” George Longenecker, Middlesex

Vermont Center for Independent Living | 11 East State Street

  • Norwich University student poems, Northfield

Downstairs Video | 7 East State Street

  • “The Unknown Artists of the 20th Century,” Anna Blackmer, Burlington
  • “Midday,” Dennis Darah, Middlesex

Coffee Corner | 83 Main Street

  • “Blending with Light,” Marjorie Ryerson, Randolph
  • “In the Garden,” Jeanne Kern, Montpelier
  • “My Friends at VPR,” Carol S. Cone, Dorset

Heney Realtors | 81 Main Street

  • “One Room,” Sylvia Walker, Worcester

Zutano | 79 Main Street

  • “The way it is,” Lynn Martin, Brattleboro

Bear Pond Books | 77 Main Street

  • “Connection,” Maxine Leary, Montpelier
  • “Caterpillar,” Charles Parant, South Londonderry
  • “Pillow,” Cora Brooks, Montpelier
  • “What Is It About A Book,” Jo Chickering, Montpelier
  • “Molasses Flood,” Charles Barasch, Plainfield

No. 9 Boutique | 75 Main Street

  • “A Woman,” Peggy Sapphire, Craftsbury
  • “Work Pants,” Laura Davies Foley, South Pomfret
  • “His Mother’s Hair,” April Ossmann, Post Mills

Guitar Sam | 71 Main Street

  • “Play Me the Blues,” Michael Fleming, Brattleboro

Montpelier Pharmacy | 69 Main Street

  • “Sugar on snow,” Matthew Wright, Brattleboro
  • “Death on the radio,” Alexander R. Anlyan, Montpelier

Athena’s Boutique | 65 Main Street

  • “The Blooming,” Lois P. Liggett, Montpelier
  • “Icicles,” Katina Cummings, Waterbury Center
  • “The Workers in the Thruway Cafeteria,” Gina Logan, Braintree
  • “My Husband’s Irish Grandmother,” Lori Rivers Stroutsos, Montpelier
  • “starlight,” Charlene Robillard, Windsor

Capitol Stationers | 65 Main Street

  • “Electrons Pushing Against Electrons,” Sean Prentiss, Montpelier
  • “For Don Jamieson,” Carol Johnson Collins, South Duxbury
  • “Poets Superfluous,” Ina Anderson, South Royalton
  • “Family Dollar,” Jeff Euber, Montpelier
  • “Could Be Worse,” Buzz Surwilo, Montpelier
  • “She was a mountain stream,” Simon Walsh, Brattleboro

Fire Department | 61 Main Street

  • “Sonnet,” Charles Barasch, Plainfield
  • “Haiku,” Eric Elder Jacobsen, North Calais
  • “Samaritan,” Paul R. Parsons, Montpelier

City Hall | 39 Main Street

  • “Becoming American,” Rita Clifford, Northfield
  • “Learning to Dance” and “Vanity,” Robert Barasch, Plainfield
  • “Six O’Clock on the Back Porch,” Molly Power, East Montpelier

Police Department | 1 Pitkin Court

  • “#1, Untitled,” Karen Cygnarowicz, Montpelier

First in Fitness | 1 Blanchard Court

  • “Step Outside,” Lisa Masé, Montpelier

Rite Aid | 29–31 Main Street

  • Writing Montpelier As a Poem: group display

China Star | 15 Main Street

  • “a moment in autumn,” Bob Lincoln, Middlesex
  • “riptide,” Mel Martin, Newfane

Aartistic iNK | 11 Main Street

  • “Removing the Tattoo,” Regina Murray Brault

Storefront Studio and Gallery | 6 Barre Street

  • “The Noise Eater,” Lee Ferry, Hardwick

Vintage Trailer Supply | 34 Barre Street

  • “Renewal,” Rachel Senechal, East Montpelier
  • “Wonderland,” Lyza Giroux, Barre

Montpelier Senior Activity Center | 58 Barre Street

  • “Snow Squall,” Earline Marsh, Moretown

Jan’s Beauty Boutique | 78 Barre Street

  • “Evening,” Dennis Darah, Middlesex

Hunger Mountain Coop | 623 Stone Cutters Way

  • Group of haikus, Steven Pappas, Plainfield

Sign Design | 37 Barre Street

  • “Waiting for the Green Light,” Kay Bushman, Berlin
  • “Christmas is Here!,” Lyndsey Giroux, Barre

Guy’s Farm & Yard | 19 Barre Street

  • “To March,” Ralph Culver, Burlington

Minuteman Press | 7 Main Street

  • “a noise,” Neil TS Flanders, East Montpelier

Shaw’s Supermarket | 2 Main Street

  • Write Mondays U-32 student poems

The Drawing Board | 22 Main Street

  • “Signed Self Portrait,” Ralph Culver, Burlington; 2013 winner of the Vermont Poetry Broadside Contest

Savoy Theater | 26 Main Street

  • “A Lesson from Rhetoric,” Pat Carstensen, Montpelier

Bagitos Café | 28 Main Street

  • “After the Divorce/I Miss,” Terri Jordan, Barre
  • “Smothly from the Cocoon,” acutecadaver.com
  • “Untitled,” Tracey J. Hambleton, Marshfield

Capitol Copy | 32 Main Street

  • “Words from the Front,” Ron Padgett, Calais
  • “Sticky Manifesto,” Lené Gary, Montpelier

Petals and Things | 36 Main Street

  • “Cut Peonies,” Ed Burke, Brattleboro
  • “Walking with Rose,” James Gordon Britch, South Burlington
  • “Gleanings,” Jeanne Kern, Montpelier
  • “A Year of Haiku,” Jerry Nash, Marshfield

Aubuchon | 40 Main Street

  • “Yellow Birch,” Janet Pocorroba, Adamant

Goddard Art Gallery | 54 Main Street

More poetry inside as part of this month’s art display.

  • “Lazy Sonnet,” MaryLiz Riddle, Westmore

Splash Naturals | 68 Main Street

  • “Getting Married in Vermont after 16 Years,” Cara Armstrong, Northfield
  • “April,” Phyllis Rachel Larrabee, Woodbury

The Mad Taco | 72 Main Street

  • “Ode to My Darling Clementine,” Jo Chickering, Montpelier

Katie’s Jewels | 4 State Street

  • “Earth,” Cora Brooks, Montpelier
  • “This Bowl,” Lee Ferry, Hardwick

Uncle Mike’s | 8 State Street

  • “Cracked Pavement,” Robert T. Tuohey, Montpelier
  • “Progression,” Charles Hoffman, Montpelier

Botanica Florals | 10 State Street

  • “Haiku Poem: Weeds,” Bonita Robbins, Brandon
  • “The Woman in the Plant Shop,” Ralph Culver, Burlington

Pinky’s on State | 14 State Street

  • “Cow Crossing,” Mary Rose Dougherty, Montpelier

Capital Kitchen | 18 State Street

  • “Saying Good-bye to Eastvale Farm,” Hatsy McGraw, Hartland

Positive Pie | 22 State Street

  • “Benaulim, Goa,” Heather Wishik, Montpelier
  • “Yesterday,” Frieda Feldman, Worcester
  • “Accordion Days,” Ruby LaBrusciano-Carris, Marshfield
  • “Senna,” Rick Eschholz, Hardwick

Woodbury Mountain Toys | 24 State Street

  • A creative display of poems by Ruby LaBrusciano-Carris, Montpelier

Subway | 28 State Street

  • “My Baby Robin,” Jean E. Henry, Northfield

Cocoa Bean | 30 State Street

  • “Why Not Just Settle For Love,” Dian Parker, Chelsea
  • “Fir Tree,” Betty Emery, Wallingford

Chill Gelato | 32 State Street

  • “Today, I…”, K. Haskins, Barre
  • “About the Jewelry,” Kris Underwood, Montpelier

Salaam Boutique | 40 State Street

  • “Morning Moon Yoga,” Sarah Hingston, Montpelier
  • “Lists,” Sarah Hooker, Marshfield

The Book Garden | 50 State Street

  • “Poem for the Truth,” Kemal Cross, East Montpelier
  • “The Best in Town,” Anna Blackmer, Burlington

Everett Insurance | 50 State Street

  • “Prayer for My Sons,” Carol S. Cone, Dorset

Vermont Trading Company | 50 State Street

  • “The Dancer,” Erik Nielsen, Brookfield

Kismet | 52 State Street

  • “In the Place Where Grief Sits,” Stephen Grunewald, Montpelier

Julio’s Cantina | 54 State Street

  • “Babel,” Samn Stockwell, Montpelier
  • “Going Native,” Marcia Angermann, Poultney

Capitol Plaza | 100 State Street

  • “My Best Christmas Ever,” Tony Magistrale, South Burlington

People’s United Bank | 112 State Street

  • “The Dog Misses Him Too,” Barb Asen, Montpelier
  • “Fantastic to Be a Bubble,” Alice Eckles, Middlebury
  • “Hearing Voices,” Newton Baker, Montpelier

Capital Region Visitor’s Center | 134 State Street

  • “At Burlington Health and Rehab,” Mary Dingee Fillmore, Burlington
  • “Maple Syrup,” Elayne Clift, Saxtons River
  • “Tankas about Canoeing,” Harris Webster, Montpelier

Vermont Arts Council | 136 State Street

  • “Quicksilver Spring,” “Ritual,” and “My Wife’s Back,” Sydney Lea, Newbury

Vermont History Museum | 109 State Street

  • Poetry of the 1830s

Vermont Thrush | 107 State Street

  • “Cochlear, Mary Elder Jacobsen,” North Calais

Inspired Creations | 97 State Street

  • “Virgin Forest,” J.D. Thompson, Montpelier
  • “The Mail Box,” Tom Martin, Franklin

Community National Bank | 95 State Street

  • Main Street Middle School poems

Asiana House|  43 State Street

  • “Point of Entry,” Sb Sowbel, Montpelier

Capitol Grounds | 27 State Street

  • “A Winter Song,” E.D. Roberts, Thetford Center
  • “screwed up,” Bob Messing, Montpelier
  • “Cold Coffee,” Heather Duke, Barre

Incognito Salon | 27 State Street

  • “Stannard Mountain,” Jamie Gage, Randolph

Adorn | 27 State Street

  • “Crosswords,” Jack H. Gundy, Corinth
  • “Mother’s Day,” Alice Wolf Gilborn, Mount Tabor

27 State Street

  • “Untitled,” Garnet Morgan, Moretown
  • “Ben Carries the Cracked Egg,” Geof Hewitt, Calais
  • “Crescent Moon,” Michelle Lesnak, Montpelier
  • “The Dark Days,” Rowan Jacobsen, North Calais

The Quirky Pet | 5 State Street

  • “Heaven, Hell, & Highways,” Peter Buknatski, Montpelier
  • “Rain Air,” Jasper Tomkins, Chelsea

Delish | 5 State Street

  • “Oh-so Sweet, Oh-so-Sweet,” Pamela Ahlen, Woodstock
  • “Beauty at our Feet,” Alice Christian, Colchester

Buch Spieler | 27 Langdon Street

  • “The Lost Mirror Blues” and “This Old World Floor,” Toussaint St. Negritude, Sheffield

The Get Up | 27 Langdon Street

  • “When I Walk,” Michelle A.L. Singer, East Montpelier

Onion River Sports | 20 Langdon Street

  • “Decisions,” Denise Connally, Berlin
  • “Chilly January,” Carol Van Etten, Plainfield

Inside: more poems by Paul R. Parsons and Alice Christian

Global Gifts | 9 Langdon Street

  • “Crossing the Dardanelles at Canakkale,” Ken Hebson, Guilford
  • “Awakening,” Julie Hand, East Calais
  • “origami one: dragon,” Laura Ziegler, Plainfield
  • “Missing,” Marian Elizabeth Miller, East Montpelier
  • “Animal Party,” Lynn Caulkins, Chelsea

Onion River Kids | 7 Langdon Street

  • “When Winter Comes,” Maddie Friend, Middlesex
  • “A New Beginning,” Gabriel French, Northfield
  • “Day Dreams,” Sienna French, Northfield
  • “Moonshadows,” Lucille Wood, Middlesex
  • “Moonlight Dancing,” Samuel Skolnik, Middlesex
  • “My Tree House,” Ruby Bryant, Montpelier
  • “One Strange Man,” Sam Watson, Montpelier

The Shoe Horn | 8 Langdon Street

  • “Winter Affair,” Danny Dover, Bethel
  • “It’s a Poetry Emergency,” Kate Fetherston, Montpelier
  • “Elixir,” Pamela Ahlen, Woodstock

Inside: more poems by Kate Fetherson, Danny Dover, and Ken Hebson

The Cheshire Cat | 28 Elm Street

  • “Balloon Flight,” Alban Richey, Montpelier
  • “Time,” Cherie Staples, East Montpelier

Tulsi Tea Room | 34 Elm Street

  • “The Warm Blanket of Home” and “The cloud people,” George Lisi, Woodbury

Stitch in Time | 35 Elm Street

  • “1804: Song for My House,” Eleanor Kokar Ott, Calais
  • “Upside Down,” Geof Hewitt, Calais

Elm Street Barber | 35 Elm Street

  • “My Barbers (abridged),” T. Wendelken, Montpelier

Yvonne’s Riverside Salon | 37 Elm Street

  • “Depths of February,” Anne Ferguson, Montpelier

Washington County Youth Service Bureau | 38 Elm Street

  • “Morning Melancholy,” Phyllis B. Katz, Norwich
  • “If I Were,” Jim Giroux, Barre
  • “Seed Collectors,” E.F. Schraeder, Plainfield

That’s Life Soup | 41 Elm Street

  • “An Argument Against Work,” Judith Chalmer, Burlington
  • “Bianca’s Soup,” Andrea Gould, Plainfield
  • “Texting God,” Mary Elder Jacobsen, North Calais
  • “The Seed Order,” Sherry Olson, Montpelier

Uncommon Market | 1 School Street

  • “Gramma Guyette,” Eileen “Eli” Strickland-Holtham, South Royalton
  • “My Tomatoes,” Dianne LaPlante, Westfield
  • “Rutland Farmer’s Market,” Jack Crowther, Rutland

Birchgrove Baking | 279 Elm Street

Come by and see which cake inspired Jenn Toce newest cake display!

  • “Haiku Musings,” Cheryl J. Burghdurf, Montpelier
  • “The Hungry Spider,” Joy Seadeek, Calais
  • “Myth VI: The Bear Weed Helicopter,” Merry Gangemi, East Calais
  • “3 Dog Haiku,” Nicola Morris, Plainfield

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